Zion Technologies, Inc.
What Services We Provide:


Our dedicated staff has been in the technology game since 1995 and in business since 2005.  They possess an extremely unique and wide array of experience in technology.  
​    •  Managed IT Services and Network Solutions
​    •  We Sell Computer Hardware (Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers
       and Other Computer Related Components)
​    •  VoIP Phone Systems
​    •  Camera Systems
​    •  3D Printing Prototyping
​    •  3D Design and Animation
​    •  Marketing and Media Creation Services
​    •  Video Editing and Special Effects
​    •  Web Design and E-Commerce Solutions
​    •  Multiple Business Ownerships
​This skill set and successful business ownership experience has proved to be an extremely valuable IT Consulting commodity to our existing client base and can be for you also.  

​CONTACT US today to benefit from a successful business relationship with us.  
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