Zion Technologies, Inc.

What Can We Do For You?

The more appropriate question might be, "What can't we do for you?".  The answer is simply that we handle any technology that is associated with a Windows based computer, in addition to other types of technologies.  Please feel free to Contact Us about any technologies not listed and ask us, "If we can do that".  New technologies continue to emerge as do our skills to service them.  

We are equipped to consult, advice, repair, and upgrade your Windows based computer at your office or home, or "in house" at our office.  In addition to your computer, we also consult and support a host of technologies, such as Android phones, wired and wireless networks, Internet Services, email and websites, Windows Standard and Exchange Servers, business networks, data protection and data recovery, online payment gateways and shopping carts.  We also specialize in VOIP Phone and communication systems.  If it is associated with a Windows based computer, you can count on us. 

We support 99.9% of our customers through remote support technology.  That means we have the ability to remotely fix most of your computer issues within the SAME day and many times within 5 minutes!  Implementing this business model in 2006 has had a tremendous positive impact on customer satisfaction.  It has allowed us to cut our customers' end costs, as well as radically decrease computer and network down time.  

Zion Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiary companies are completely focused on the local business model.  We are constantly evolving and researching technologies to continue to help our business clients either save money, make money, or both.  The same proven successful technologies and business philosophies we have implemented, that have helped us prosper in a down turned economy, are the same ones we share with local businesses.  

Zion Technologies, Inc. understands the independent business owner, because Zion Technologies, Inc. IS an independent business!  We understand that a business owner needs to put most of their focus on the core of their business, which are the things that bring it profit and sustained growth, not on the surrounding technologies and the understanding of them.  That's a full-time job to keep up with, and that's why our smart business clients choose Zion to handle that area of their business.  It is a well-known business philosophy, that smart business owners hire people smarter than them in the areas that they do not have expertise in. 

To benefit from Zion Technologies, Inc. simply go to the "Get Tech Support Now" section, so that we can show you how technology can improve your business and personal life.